Pull Out Waste Containers

Baltic Birch Pull Out Shelves are a traditional favorite.

     Because our 9-ply Birch Plywood really looks great naturally, or in any color stain, it's a favorite of many.Baltic Birch slide out shleves are a great way to organize your cabinets from the kitchen to the bathroom. Just think how nice it would be to just pull out your sliding shelf and be adle to get just what you need instead of having to bend over or get down on your hands and knees to get it. These wonderful shelves will add value to your home. 

     Slightly less expensive than other Hardwoods, the sides of our Birch Pull Out Shelves of are built to carry a 75# load for the life of your home.  (Take a look at our Lifetime Warrantee ) Load 'em up... these hardwood Pull Out Shelves can handle it.  Our Sliding Shelves of Birch Hardwood are also free of knots, but have more variation in grain color as found in nature.

     Stain with either latex-based or oil-based stains for a great look.  A clear polyurethane coat protects the stained finish against discoloration from spills or just from being handled.  Of course if you appreciate the fine grain appearance of natural birch Sliding Shelves as we do, just apply a clear coat of polyurethane directly to the Pull Out Shelves when you receive them.  

      Many of our customers simply use a rag to wipe on the water-based polyurethane finish.  Then when they are through, they just throw the rag away, leaving no clean-up to do.


Blind Corner Lazy Susans

    All of our Blind Corner Lazy Susans rescue the lost storage in the corner cabinet, and have a LifeTime Warranty.

There are both single-shelf units and double-shelf Blind Corner Lazy Susan units available.  Also, some are in white, and others are in a Natural Maple finish.

See all the choices right here.

Products Full Height Pull Out Shelves

Full Height Pull Out Shelves are made out of 1/2" Baltic, they are 2-3/8" tall, and the Full Height Pull Out Shelves in  5/8" Oak are 3" tall.  These  shelves are just the right height so you can add a   extra shelf to your kitchen cabinet.     These pull out shelves are also the right sizes to store can goods and  your smaller pots and pans.            Pull Out Shelves are great for organizing your kitchen cabinets and makes it  easy to keep it organized.  These shelves makes it easy on your back and knees when looking for just the right pot or  can good  that you need.            No matter which wood type you prefer, the weight carrying ability is 100# state, 75# dynamic   when evenly distributed on your shelf.       There are 4  different glide types, all provide the same weight carrying ability and come with a life time   warranty.   

   This collection of Office Organizers includes all of our "Favorite Ways To Improve my Office".  We're sure you like them as much as we do.

   Your computer took away your desk top.  Now get your desk top back with our Flat Screen Monitor Lift.  Raises your flat screen monitor to a more comfortable eye level, and allows storage of either small items, (such as white-out, paper clips, small stapler, etc.) or two paper trays.  A real Space Saver.

   The Pull Out Keyboard Tray is different as well.  It has a 1/2" lip on the interior of the tray, to keep stored items from rolling off..  Store small items behind the keyboard, out of sight, but quickly accessible to you because of the Full-Extension Glides.  Plenty of room for even a full ream of paper as well, if you like.  We also found that our keyboard cord (if you're not cordless) is kept out of the way of our feet because of the extra length of the Pull Out Keyboard Tray.

   The Pull Out Furniture Shelf is really, really versatile.  Install it in an entertainment center, or in any piece of furniture where ease of access would be a plus.

   The Pull Out Furniture Shelf is really, really versatile.  Install it in an entertainment center, or in any piece of furniture where ease of access would be a plus.

   Chose Birch or Oak, whichever matches your furniture piece.  The clean lines of the shelf are a plus, blending with virtually any decorating period.