Oak Super Tall Pull Out Shelf

Pull Out Shelves - Super Tall Oak
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SPECIFICATIONS: Super Tall Shelf sides and back are 7-1/4" Tall. The front is 2-3/8" tall.  The standard length, front to back, is 22".

USE THESE Super Tall Pull Out Shelves for pots and pans storage. The front is low enough to see what's on the shelf, and the tall back keeps things from falling over.  Nested pots and pans store well in Super Tall Pull Out Shelves.  Also great for tall items like syrup containers, cereal boxes, and other food storage items. 

CONSTRUCTION:  The front, back, and sides are 5/8" Furniture Grade Oak. The shelf floor is 1/4” plywood, dado-captured and glued in place
.  The 3/4-extension glides (standard) allow your Sliding Shelf to pull out about 16-1/2".  The hidden glides also extend about 16-1/2".  With the Full-Extension option your Pull Out Shelf will pull out the full 22".  Our Glidesare  rated at 100# load (75# dynamic), and have a limited lifetime warrantee.

READY FOR FINISHING:  Pull Out Shelves are Hand Sanded, ready for staining or painting.  Lighter stains highlight the natural beauty of the variation in color and grain, while darker stains even out the color somewhat. A pre-stain sealer tends to even out the color even more. 

INSTALLATION:  Pull Out Shelves mount to any permanent shelf or the floor of any cabinet. Mounting to the side is an option (Click on custom orders, above).
Pull Out Shelves from SlidingShelfStore.com make storing, retrieving, and organizing items from kitchen shelves a snap. Just slide out the Pull Out Shelf, get what you want and slide the Pull Out Shelf back. WOW ! How easy is that !
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