Re-Claim your desk top with our Flat Screen Monitor Lift.

Flat Screen Monitor Lift
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   Your Flat Screen Monitor is a great improvement over the old CRT's, but here's how to re-claim even more of your desk top. 


 Check out our Flat Screen Monitor Lift.   This item raises your monitor to be at eye-level, a more comfortable viewing height, while giving you usable storage under the monitor.


Now you can read the books instead of putting them under your computer screen.


Comes with a center storage area, or we will divide the storage area creating a couple of slots for papers.  Your choice.


Open for Storage       Divider for Paper Trays


Built entirely of 1/2" 9-ply Baltic Birch, a clear coat looks great, or you can stain it virtually any color to match your desk decor. 




12-3/4" Wide x 9" Front-To-Back x 6" Tall.


Top and bottom shelf = 11-3/4" x 8-1/2" 

(Divider, if added, is the same size.)


Top is recessed 1/2" so items like pencils will not roll off.


   We love ours... we're sure you will like it too.  Order yours now !