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Why choose Oak for your Pull Out Shelves ? 

     Oak is one of the strongest woods available.  While all of our Pull Out Shelves are built to hold a 75# load while in use, Oak Pull Out Shelves are the strongest using our available woods.

     Oak Sliding Shelves use 5/8" thick material on the sides.  That compares to the 1/2" Baltic Birch if you specify Birch Sliding Shelves. 

     Oak also stains well, accepting virtually any color stain.  A good clear coat of polyurethane may be applied directly to the Sliding Shelf when you receive it, or you may stain it first and then apply the finish coat.     

We use Furniture grade Oak Plywood.  Free of knots or other defects in appearance, Pull Out Shelves in Oak look great in fine quality cabinetry.

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Pull Out Shelves - Oak Full Height

Pull Out Shelves custom-made to fit at WAY below retail pricing.

$34.95 - $90.90
Pull Out Shelves - Tall Oak

All Plywood Sides.  Everything included for easy installation.

$39.95 - $94.90
Pull Out Shelves - Extra Tall Oak

Extra-Tall Pull Out Shelves

$49.95 - $111.90
Pull Out Shelves - Super Tall Oak

These Giant Pull Out Shelves are Great for storing Pots & Pans.  Also, the Tall Sides on these Super Tall Pull Out Shelves help keep taller items from falling over.

$56.95 - $116.90
Pull Out Cookie Sheet Shelf - Oak

Easy access to Flatware
Store Cookie Sheets, Muffin Pans, large lids and shallow Tupperware containers.

$69.95 - $158.95
Pull Out Furniture Shelf - Oak
$64.95 - $78.95
Pull Out Printer Shelves

USE THIS Pull Out Printer Shelf to make using your printer convenient, while able to push it back in place when not in use.

$49.95 - $97.95