Why do I need Pull Out Shelves ?

  • If you enjoy convenience.
    It just doesn't make sense to get down on your hands and knees to get that item at the back of the shelf. 

    With Pull Out Shelves just pull out the shelf, get what you need, and slide the shelf back.  Wow !  How easy is that ?

  • Do you have back pain ?
    If it hurts, don't do it !   No more trying to bend beyond what's comfortable.  

    With a Pull Out Shelf in each cabinet, Everything in your bottom cabinets is now easily accessible.  Pull Out Shelves qualify for Assisted Access living.

  • Tired of hunting for the item you need ?
    You unload the shelf you think the item is on, only to find it's not on that shelf.  So, you load that shelf back up and start on another.

    Why put yourself through that old exercise in futility ?  If your items are on Pull Out Shelves, you just pull out the Sliding Shelf and immediately see every item on the shelf.   Simple !  Easy !

    Ready to add some Pull Out Shelves to your kitchen cabinets ? Just click to see our
    large selection of convenient Pull Out Shelves.

  • Do you like to be organized ?
    Organizing your kitchen storage items is a snap with Pull Out Shelves from SlidingShelf.com .  Get the double-deep Pull Out Shelf for pots and pans storage or for tall items.  Use our Full-Depth Pull Out Shelf for food storage or items of normal height.  The Super Shelves are even better for storing pots and pans. 

    Organize everything just the way you like it with Pull Out Shelving from the Sliding Shelf Store.  All of you organizers out there know that organizing kitchens is the first step to a convenient kitchen.

  • Are you a ' neat freak ' ?
    There's nothing wrong with being neat.  You enjoy opening your kitchen cabinets to see neatly organized storage.   It's really the result of good kitchen organizing for convenience in using your kitchen cabinets for more storage. 

    It takes a little work, and a few Pull Out Shelves.

    Is your pantry impossibly crammed ??

    Pantry storage is a problem in almost every home.  You can't see what's at the back of the pantry shelves, and if you could, you can't get to it without moving everything in front of it out of the way.

    The pantry shelves are normally way too far apart, wasting space that could be used for kitchen storage.

    Pull Out Shelves  from the Sliding Shelf Store can solve pantry storage problems.    That's how to have a pantry storage area that's tightly organized.  It will use all the kitchen storage space and puts it to good use.

Why buy at the Sliding Shelf Store ?

 More 'Bang for your Buck'
  You want the best value for your purchases. We've searched everywhere for better pricing, higher quality, or more choices, and it's just not out there. We'll keep looking though. At SlidingShelf.com we want you to know you're paying absolutely the lowest price for any Pull-Out Shelf you select.

  Craftsmanship at it's best

  We take pride in the fact that each Pull-Out Shelf is carefully hand-crafted. The joints are tight, edges sanded smooth, and the over-all appearance is very pleasing to the eye.

   Only the absolute best in materials

  Sure there is cheaper wood and less expensive glides and hardware. But why spend all that extra time fussing over perfection if the materials are not of the highest quality possible ?

   Furniture grade plywood in Baltic Birch and Oak, are used for the sides of our Pull-Out Shelves. The bottoms are 1/4" plywood, too. We don't use inferior products like MDF, melamine, or particle board.

   The glides have been tested and proven they are "Texas-Tough" beyond normal usage requirements.



   A new Flat-Screen Monitor exposed a real problem, and we have the solution !  

   It's our new Flat-Screen Monitor Lift.  Now every inch of desk space is useable, and we even have more storage available. 

   In addition,our Monitor is not at a more comfortable height for viewing.


   It's a brand-new product.  A wood tray with a containment lip on all four sides, allowing you to use if for your keyboard, and also to store additional items.

   WOW !  A beautiful addition to make the keyboard go away when not in use, and add even more storage to your desk ! 

Pull Out Furniture Shelves

   Now that's more like it...  Turn those flat shelves into Pull-Out Furniture Shelves with the addition of these beauties.

   We're making them in both Birch and Oak, so you have your choice to keep the appearance exactly the way you want it.