While every Pull Out Shelf is Custom-Sized to Fit, it's not always obvious how to order the specific dimensions you need.

If your opening width is wider than 30"...

   None of the Pull Out Shelves in the Sliding Shelf Store will work.  For opening sizes up to 36" wide, check out our Sister Site, .

If the standard 22" front-to-back length is too long...

   For most applications, you may specify a front-to-back length shorter than 22".  Since the glides come in 2" increments (12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22") it is better to keep the Sliding Shelf length in 2" increments as well.  Just type in the length at the item "Enter Opening Width within 1/16".  As an example, if you have a cabinet opening of 14" and you want a special length of 20" because it's a Vanity Cabinet, you would type in :
14" wide x 20" length.

If the standard 22" front-to-back length is too short...

   You may specify  up to 24" with no additional cost.  However, if you need a Pull Out Shelf over 24" long front-to-back, you will have to either e-mail or call for a quote on that shelf.  1-800-725-1628 Mon-Sat 9:am-8:pm Central.

    You may place your order by phone, even if there are no special lengths.