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We're Really Excited !

     About the Exclusive new products and the NEW LOW PRICES on Everything in our Sliding Shelf Store. The savings are just AWESOME !

  And, we're excited about the NEW OFFICE PRODUCTS ! Some of the new products are our own idea, manufactured exclusively by us, and are not available anyplace else.

So enjoy yourself, stick around and browse to your heart's content. We're happy to have you ! 

Pull Out Shelves / Sliding Shelves - Our Main Product

   Since we are the Manufacturer, and sell to you direct, You can't beat our prices .   And you certainly can't beat our Made-in-Texas quality.  You want things to look good, work properly, and last a long time, so that's exactly what we build for you.  Our Texas Products are Guaranteed for the life of your home.

   Now that we have Pull Out Shelves and Sliding Shelves in virtually every room of our home, it's hard to imagine going without the convenience. 

   Pull Out Shelves in the kitchen Pantry even saves us money on groceries !  Now that we can see everything, even the items clear in the back, we no longer purchase an item we already have and don't really need more of.   No more out-of-date food that just gets thrown away.

   Of course the Kitchen is the place where Sliding Shelves and Pull Out Shelves really pay off.  That's where getting things out and putting them up happens 3 times a day.  It's sooo nice to just pull the shelf out, get what you want, and slide the shelf back.  Wow !  How easy is that ?

   Need the large pot to make a family-sized batch of Oatmeal ?   Simple.  Want to get the large bowl to make potato salad ?  Easy.  Everything is now within reach.  Just pull the shelf out, get it, and slide the shelf back.

   Pull Out Shelves make the perfect extra Pull Out Drawer.  Turn the standard kitchen cabinet into a full-blown Pull Out Drawer cabinet by adding 3 Pull Out Shelves in the cabinet.  Now when you open the cabinet door, you see 3 Pull Out Drawers that you didn't have before.  That's pretty easy too ! 

   In our Bathroom, we have the extra-tall Pull Out Shelves.  That's because the tall slim bottles have a tendency to fall over.  The taller sides prevent that, and the short front still lets us see exactly what's stored there.  Some people like the extra tall Sliding Shelves to store linen and bath towels.  I'm not sure the extra height is necessary, but I sure wouldn't want to go without the convenience of having them stored on a Sliding Shelf, where they are easy to reach.

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10 reasons you might want Sliding Shelves and Pull Out Shelves    

1.  SAVE TIME - Pull the Sliding Shelf out, and get what you want.  No un-loading the shelf to get to an item.

2.  ORGANIZE - Pull Out Shelves allow you to find everything easily, so organizing your kitchen is a snap.

3.  ADD VALUE TO YOUR HOME - Prospective Buyers are sure to be impressed with Roll Out Shelves.

4.  GLIDING SHELVES - Qualify for Assisted Access Living.

5.  PULL OUT DRAWERS - Spread out a bit.  Add-A-Drawer.  Keep the good knives separate, for instance.

6.  PULL OUT TRAYS - How about a Pull Out Tray just for Spices ? 

7.  SLIDING SHELVES - Also help make it easy to access storage in campers and RV's .

8.  DON'T WORRY - BE HAPPY.  Your Pull Out Shelves are guaranteed for the life of your home.

9.  REMOVE VANITY TOP CLUTTER - Put all those things in our Roll Out Shelves.  Then enjoy clean.

10. A CLEAN DESK TOP - is helped with more storage in a new Pull Out Pencil Drawer.

   Whatever your reason, You can rest assured the Sliding Shelves or other products made by the Sliding Shelf Store are manufactured using the highest quality materials.  And our plant is run by the best of Craftsmen, who take pride in each piece that they make for you.

   And remember, We've searched everywhere for better pricing, higher quality, or more choices, and it's just not out there. We'll keep looking though. The Sliding Shelf Store wants you to know you're paying absolutely the lowest price for any Pull-Out Shelf  or other product we manufacture.